Salute! Bachli puts on a brand celebration to remember

Salute! Bachli puts on a brand celebration to remember

With the launch of the new Bachli showroom in Melbourne, there is another destination for lovers of fine design where the curated offering of furniture, lighting and accessories raises the bar on beauty, form and function.

Bachli Furniture

It has been a festive time in Melbourne as Bachli Furniture opens its doors to the architecture and design community for a gala celebration to officially launch its new brand and showroom.

Created by Nathan Bachli and Rebecca Pistilli, this stellar design destination is the culmination of some 25-years of combined industry experience for the duo. The result is Bachli, a brand that combines beautiful products and objects, logistics, supply and service in a total package that is set to make its mark on the Melbourne design scene.

Bachli Furniture

Located in Burwood Road, Hawthorn, the Bachli store is a large contemporary space housed in a former industrial building with marble entrance, saw-tooth ceilings and ample natural light. Painted white, the space is the perfect setting in which to showcase the various collections and Melbourne’s design community enjoyed the occasion with gusto.

On hand to meet the guests with Pistilli and Bachli was Frederick Billiau, CEO of MDF Italia who was visiting from Italy. MDF Italia features large on the showroom floor and the beautifully clean lines, simplicity and technical expertise of the collection were a favourite with the crowd.

The name Bachli with its Swiss-Italian origins means ‘little stream’ or a ‘continuous flow of people and things’ and these ideas are reflected in the brands displayed that are all exceptional, with products that will become heirlooms of the future.

The brands have been carefully curated with MDF Italia, Lowe Furniture, Diesel Living with Lodes, Bloc Studios and Nodi Rugs represented. Each collection is a stand out but also complements the other, and so, the new showroom with its many groupings of furniture, lighting and accessories, ample room to move and opportunities to sit and relax is certain to become a favourite with the architecture and design community.

It’s grand to see the opening of a new showroom on the Melbourne design landscape. Bachli does more than simply delight the eye with a showroom that would be at home in London, Paris or New York, it provides architects and designers with inspirational products that complement great design projects to make them even better.

Article by Jan Henderson
February 27 2023

Photography by Nicholas Wilkins. 

Flowers by Dani Marano Studio, photography by Tom Hvala.

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