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We view each item not just in relation to its immediate function, but in the context of time - its ability to enhance space and grow old in your home or work space. Each object is a personal investment with a long term view - objects for a life of all things considered.

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Recently unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair, MDF Italia introduces the modular sofa system in collaboration with the esteemed Norwegian architecture and design firm Snøhetta - where creative flexibility meets industrial innovation.

In reimagining the construction of the conventional sofa, the system is thoughtfully designed with material reduction and disassembly in mind.

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As the seasons change we’ll be giving the spotlight to a special product in our front window....

This season we’re celebrating the arrival of Passoni Design.

Natural Culture is a name that sums up a new awareness of the  environmental, technical, aesthetic and cultural values of wood and natural materials.

An idea transformed into beauty, warmth and 

wellbeing through a real and profound knowledge of wood, and an authentic love of nature.

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