OBJECTS to live by

We view each item not just in relation to its immediate function, but in the context of time - its ability to enhance space and grow old in your home or work space. Each object is a personal investment with a long term view - objects for a life of all things considered.

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Currently exhibiting:

NVL Table

As the seasons change we’ll be giving the spotlight to a special product in our front window....

This season we’re celebrating the new gloss lacquer colour, CORAL RED, on the unstoppable NVL table.

Using straw, we highlight the harmony between contrasting shapes and materials.

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Launching soon:

Passoni Design

We are excited to introduce Passoni Design to our collection - an ongoing story of growth, research and knowledge, now in its fourth generation.

Passoni's story began over 70 years ago, in a small town in Friuli, Italy, with a big tradition for wood and chairs.

The first Passoni workshop was established in 1948, and the company was handed down from father to son.

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