Contract, according to MDF Italia

Contract, according to MDF Italia

MDF Italia creates and produces designer items and furnishings in the pursuit of excellence. They embody a quest for the essential and ensure that each space — domestic, work or hospitality — becomes unique.

Furniture and furnishings are adaptable, capable of becoming alive and fitting in with diverse environments, thanks to their universal and timeless design. Essential, functional and flexible, they have no ambitions to dictate the aesthetics of the surrounding area by their presence, but rather respect the spirit of every space they inhabit. 

The relationship between 967arch and MDF Italia - 

The collaboration between MDF Italia and 967arch stems from astylistic affinity, from an approach to product and project design that came together quite naturally. Initially in the use of MDF Italia collections in contract projects (Campari Group, Petronas, Amplifon) developed by this Milan- based studio and later in the development of products consistent with the MDF Italia identity and design philosophy.

The concept of offices is changing, working spaces are becoming inviting, immersive places to meet. We are are looking to share, but also for some privacy; interaction, but also concentration. Accustomed to working from home, we now require new levels of comfort at the workplace.

No discipline interprets these changes more than design while also reflecting such contemporary cultural changes. This is why MDF Italia uses design to meet the needs of working spaces in an innovative way.

For the office world, the brand has imagined a narrative through the most characteristic environments of an office: from reception to open-spaces, from the executive office to meeting rooms and informal spaces, from sharing areas to the outdoors.

Hospitality is a question of context and atmosphere, two concepts that we have long explored in domestic environments and which we now translate for contracts. Restaurants, cafés, and hotels are the primary places today for coming together and sharing. Hospitality environments require versatile, cross-cutting furnishings capable of combining practicality and aesthetic sense, a complex task that MDF Italia responds to through design. 

The concept developed together with 967arch embodies the characteristics of elegance, sobriety and hospitality declined in the typical environments of a Milanese boutique hotel. A coherent and sophisticated narrative through the common spaces such as the reception, the cafeteria, the restaurant, passing through the hallways, the rooms such as the Superior Guestroom and the Excecutive Suite, up to the Rooftop, the meeting place with the outdoor soul of the brand.

Pioneers in a new way of conceiving space, MDF Italia focuses on the uniqueness of each place, whether it is dedicated to work or hospitality.

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