INDESIGN LIVE: Bachli Furniture brings its A game to the design game

INDESIGN LIVE: Bachli Furniture brings its A game to the design game
Bachli Furniture, founded up by Nathan Bachli and Rebecca Pistilli, has opened its doors with a clutch of design brands that include the likes of MDF Italia, Lowe Furniture and Diesel Living with Lodes.

Discovering a new design brand always gives me a buzz. It’s the vitality and unbound energy of a business starting fresh. And then, add to it a clutch of famed European and Australian design brands. It’s a cocktail of positive vibes that’s too good to resist!

So yes, it was exciting to receive a phone call from Nathan Bachli and visit his brand new business, Bachli Furniture, which he has just weeks ago officially opened with partner Rebecca Pistilli.

The two have been working in the industry for a combined 25 years. And both have cut their teeth working in young companies during high-growth phases. As Bachli puts it: “We’ve built up that muscle to deal with pressure and workload, the myriad of issues you get thrown – finance, logistics, delivery, operations, training, and everything in between.”

The dynamism of the industry has already prepared them, freeing them up to focus on the fundamentals of what they want to achieve with Bachli Furniture. “What we’re passionate about is service and offering a very inspired, high level of service,” says Bachli. “We feel we can be the best […] at running a furniture brand like a business, and what drives the economics of it is selling the best products in the world, products that will wear in – rather than out – over time.”

This all comes back to the name Bachli which, with its Swiss-Italian origins, means ‘little stream’ or a ‘continuous flow of people and things’. Things which, to Bachli and Pistilli, have heirloom value and grow better over time; things that are future proofed by their exceptional design.

Working with a distinct and curated group of brands, Bachli Furniture has launched into the Australian market with MDF Italia, Lowe Furniture, Diesel Living with Lodes, Nodi Rugs and Bloc Studios. Brands we all know and admire for their versatile offerings, superior design capabilities and iconic pieces.

Like the NVL table by Jean Nouvel for MDF Italia, which is now on display for the first time in Australia in Bachli Furniture’s showroom in Hawthorn. Or the very photographable Pipe Lamp from Diesel Living with Lodes.

From their Australian design collection comes Lowe Furniture with pieces all designed and crafted by hand locally. The attention to detail in their work is second to none. “They hand-cut their own veneers to 4mm thick. The underside and top of tables are finished to same standard, with no shortcuts.” Bachli highlights the Atticus table as a case in point.

All are on show in the Bachli Furniture showroom, which is set within a ramblingly large industrial building, doused in plenty of natural light thanks to sawtooth ceilings. Nestled into the ever-busy thoroughfare of Burwood Road, to visit the showroom is like stumbling across a jewel in the rough.

As Bachli describes it, “It’s a curated space, with a significant marble entrance” that feels pleasingly warm and nurturing inside – thanks to ample heating and the inviting array of styled settings – almost like discovering eight rooms in one.

Both Bachli and Pistilli have a keen eye for design and bringing the business and its showroom to life has been a labour of love. “We are deliberately keeping the number of brands we work with manageable, so our service is strong and our pricing and lead times remain the best,” says Bachli. “Our intention is that we’ll always have samples of everything – so you can see it, and ultimately the goal is the have all the ranges [we represent] stocked in Australia.”

When you’re starting your own venture, the world really is your oyster and to build a business with clear direction is a discipline in itself. “It’s about the opportunities you say no to, rather than yes to. That’s the important thing,” notes Bachli.

“When you see all this amazing product and you’re inspired by it and feeling super excited, it’s easy to get carried away.” So Bachli and Pistilli are navigating the journey with utmost care. “We bring every decision back to our three fundamentals” – passion, service and viability.

Designers and customers can visit Bachli Furniture at 164 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Monday through to Saturday.

Article by Alice Blackwood
July 14 2022

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