Established in 2022, BACHLI is the commercial and creative partnership of Nathan and Bec.

Our collective talents lie in finding, nurturing, buying, supporting, curating and managing.

Having both worked in the Australian furniture and design industries for many years, a deep understanding and passion for our profession has been cultivated.

This all comes back to the name BACHLI which, with its Swiss-Italian origins, means ‘little stream’ or a ‘continuous flow of people and things’.

Things that have heirloom value and grow better over time; things that are future proofed by their exceptional design.


We value design, quality, loyalty, and are deeply passionate about providing inspired service, through our team of dedicated and driven partners.

We believe strongly in the collective talents of the BACHLI team and endeavour to support, nurture and inspire the growth of our community.

Through collective passion, we are deeply committed to exceeding expectations for clients at every touch point and helping you to create great projects, delivered on time and on budget.

ALL things considered

Our aspiration at BACHLI is continual improvement, a dedication to learn and improve on everything we do. Hopefully our reward over time is to become a trusted partner, to help clients create projects and interiors which reveal a uniqueness of quality and character, which are harmonious, timeless and keep luring us back for more. 

BACHLI seeks to enrich everyday lives with products that wear in, not out.

We work exclusively with a select group of highly regarded local and international brands, to offer furniture, lighting and objects for residential and commercial spaces throughout Australia.

With a long term view, we consider each object as a personal investment – objects for a life of all things considered.

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