In Conversation with a Visionary in Australian Furniture Design

In Conversation with a Visionary in Australian Furniture Design

Founded in 2022 on the principles of timelessness, collaboration and progress, BACHLI Furniture have emerged as a visionary in the Australian furniture design space.

For industry veterans Nathan Bachli and Rebecca Pistilli, launching their furniture retail brand marked a natural career progression. From day one, BACHLI’s mission has been to collaborate with a range of passionate brands, both local and international, that are at the forefront of shaping the future of furniture design – brands like MDF ItaliaLowe Furniture and Passoni, to name a few. Second to that, their focus remains centred on offering products that “wear in, not out”. 

We sat down with Nathan to chat about the brand’s philosophies surrounding timeless design, their holistic and hands-on approach to customer service, and why they feel it’s so important to integrate Australian and global design.

Having worked extensively in the Australian furniture and design industry, how did you channel your wealth of experience into the creation and launch of your own business?

Nathan Bachli: It’s been nearly two decades since I embarked on my journey within the Australian furniture industry, cultivating a range of expertise through several different roles. Turning my dream of launching my own brand into a reality required drawing on those 20 years of experience, learning from exceptional mentors and developing the essential tools to fund, start, grow, improve and successfully run our business.

In essence, my experience taught me how to distil a complex business into a single organising idea. For BACHLI, people and product are key, and from day one, we’ve focused on collaborating with passionate individuals and offering products that wear in, not out. We firmly believe that surrounding yourself with the things you love is a unique and special form of creativity that will ultimately benefit everyone.

In what ways do you differentiate your brand from competitors in the Australian furniture retail sector?

Nathan Bachli: Our holistic approach ensures our range, spanning furniture, lighting and objects, remains thoughtfully curated without being overwhelming. Investing in large showrooms allows us to display a substantial portion of our range in settings designed to inspire and provoke. By visiting our showrooms, you can see 90 per cent of our range in person rather than relying on images. 

We aim to establish relationships with clients and serve as trusted consultants for projects, whether it’s a coffee table for a living room or a complete office fit-out. We prioritise delivering orders in full and on time, employing a hands-on approach with personal service.

In a world dominated by AI and bots, you will always interact with a real person from our team who knows you and your business, is passionate about design, and ensures your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

You work with local as well as international brands across the realms of lighting, furniture, and objects. Why do you feel it’s important to support local design?

Nathan Bachli: We aim to collaborate with passionate and driven individuals and brands that excel in their work. Supporting those willing to take risks or build something from scratch is crucial to us. Whether partnering with Lowe, who has been crafting tables in Australia for over 25 years, or emerging brand Nayme, who demonstrate incredible passion and energy, we attract exceptional quality that can compete internationally. Manufacturing in Australia is costly, and there are multiple barriers to exporting large items overseas, so it’s important to help these local brands find a strong voice at home.

In turn, why is it important to bring global design to Australian shores?

Nathan Bachli: We didn’t just want to open a shop; we wanted to connect people with design. Our focus is on travelling the world and sourcing unique products you can’t find elsewhere, which has been central to our business over the past few years.

Australians have eclectic taste and often draw inspiration from abroad. It’s essential for us to source globally to ensure our showrooms reflect the tastes of our clients. Our showroom isn’t just a place for transactions; it’s where you can find inspiration, expert service, and information about design and the latest trends in the local and international market.

Your philosophy centres around the concept of “products that wear in, not out.” Could you elaborate on the importance of investing in long-term pieces, and how this philosophy shapes the selection of products at BACHLI?

Nathan Bachli: I believe there is something comforting about purchasing items that you can be certain will outlive you. It’s beneficial for both the environment and your peace of mind.

We consider many of our pieces as lifelong investments. For instance, our timber tables from Lowe are heirloom pieces. Much of what we offer is custom-designed and crafted, utilising processes and materials that surpass the highest international environmental standards.

Instead of focusing on trends, we aim to provide products that stand the test of time. If we sell someone a table or sofa once and have them still delighted with its appearance and performance 20 or 30 years later, then we’ve done our job right.

Reflecting on your own personal space, what timeless pieces from BACHLI find a place in your home?

Nathan Bachli: Our home is a 1930s Art Deco space filled with numerous pieces we’ve admired for many years. A few of our favourites include the Manhattan table from Lowe, Achille chairs from MDF Italia, and Random bookcase from MDF Italia. We’ve also recently added an amazing moss-green bamboo silk rug from Nodi and Ombre coat stand from MDF Italia.

How do you envision the future growth and development of BACHLI? Are there specific areas or aspects of the business that you foresee evolving or expanding over time?

Nathan Bachli: “BACHLI” means “little stream” or a continuous flow of people and things. We are focused on building a community through a series of design events, launches and exhibitions. Inspiring new collections will be joining our stable in 2024, and a new showroom in Sydney is on the horizon. Additionally, we are working on exciting technology platforms that will enhance the customer service experience for our clients.

Interview & words by Holly Beadle
, January 23rd, 2024

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