The Teo low table, designed by Zanellato/Bortotto studio, stems from the idea of evoking a constructive and symbolic archetype, the dome.


A complex and fascinating architectural solution, adapted through various times and places by the great architects of history, from Borromini to Brunelleschi, from LIoyd Wright to Nervi.


Accustomed to turning their gaze upwards towards the sky to observe these majestic vaults, the Venetian duo has flipped the point of view, imagining two spherical caps on the ground laid one on top of the other, almost in perfect balance.


The surface has slight facets, recalling the segments that usually form the domes in architecture.


The fascination for the colors shaped by time of the Mediterranean church domes, inspired the warm tones as well as the material and natural texture of these tables.


Its transversal nature, the materiality and the nuances that characterise it, make it a passe-partout accessory in Saba environments, both indoor and outdoor.


Designed by: Zanellato/Bortotto

Year: 2022

Lead time: 14 - 16 weeks

Downloads: Specification Sheet


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