Tense Table, Anniversary Collection

Created to mark MDF Italia’s 30th anniversary, The Principle of Lightness Collection—limited editions in hand polished steel or aluminium finishes—reimagines four exemplary products from its history; simultaneously freezing them in time and bringing new life to them. 

Designed by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga in 2009, the Tense represents the archetypal table. Characterised by the consistency of its form and finishes, it is an icon of lightness and flexibility; thanks to its internal tension, it can also be extended to a total of 4 metres in length.

Part of the MDF Italia collection, the Tense family is now available in 16 finishes, 5 heights and 36 sizes. For The Principle of Lightness Collection, the Tense has been reimagined in a hand polished aluminium finish and measures: 240cm long x 100cm wide x 75cm high. 

Designed by: Piegiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga 

Brand: MDF Italia

Year: 2009 / 2022

Lead time: 13 - 17 weeks