Tense Material Wood

“A smart beauty, resulting from a thought and a know-how capable of transmitting a deep emotion through a wise accentuation of the peculiarities of the materials used”.


Piergiorgio Cazzaniga describes in this way Tense Material, a collection of tables available in 5 heights and 36 sizes, capable of achieving large dimensions, up to 4 meter long, always keeping a perfect top tension.


Different wood grain combinations, various shades and emotions to be touched. Tense Material is available in three different wood essences: natural oak, carbonized oak and national walnut.


NATURAL OAK highlights wood grains and unveils time passing by, enhancing its beauty. The natural, wrinkled surface, is not just a visual experience, but also a tactile one. Every table is different from another, so every single product takes on a unique personality. This Tense Material’s finish brings warmth into the living room and fits into every context and furnishing style.


Inspired to the Japanese technique, Tense CARBON starts from an oak base. By using natural acids a “burned” effect on the surface is got. Thus, wood looks black with intense and fully natural shades, that are unique and not replicable.


Tense Material FINE WOOD IN NATIONAL WALNUT combines wood durability and resistance with elegance and lightweight, that are typical features of the collection. The smooth surface features warm and intense colours, with endless shades enhancing wood features. Tense Material Fine Wood perfectly fits into classical contexts, but it also stands out in contemporary spaces.

The possibility to insert the top-access, the cable trays and its large size, make Tense Material suitable for workplaces, where meetings are so many and the need of accomodating more people around the table is frequent.


Designed by: Piegiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga 

Brand: MDF Italia  

Year: 2016
Lead time: 13 - 17 weeks 

Downloads: Specification Sheet