Tense Material Red Diamond

" A smart beauty, resulting from a thought and a know-how capable of transmitting a deep emotion through a wise accentuation of the peculiarities of the materials used".


Tense Material collection is available in 5 heights and 36 sizes, 170 typologies to meet different market needs, from residential to business spaces.


Tense Material dresses up with a new bright red finish, that is warm and intense.
It is inspired to the ancient technique of Chinese lacquer, a process involving the manual drafting of the colour and following an application of various layers of transparent polyester, that make the surface smooth and glossy, capable of reflecting light and enlivening the table.


The table top features a play of shadows, generating a lens effect enhancing colour and depth. Tense Diamond fits into any room of the house, from the living room to the dining room, bringing personality to spaces.


Designed by: Piegiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga 

Brand: MDF Italia 

Year: 2016
Lead time: 13 - 17 weeks

Downloads: Specification Sheet