Tense Material Heritage

The latest addition to the Tense family, a table designed in 2009 by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga,

It somehow represents a leap into the past, reviving an ancient craft tradition. In the new Tense Material Heritage, the natural or black painted oak table top is finished with a handmade process known as ‘sgorbiatura’ (wood hand carving).


This technique involves carving the wood in an irregular manner to achieve a wavy effect and offer an intensely tactile experience. This meticulous process – which requires several hours of work for each table – completes a frame that embodies the technological and industrial innovation that enabled it to reach considerable dimensions.


Designed by: Piegiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga 

Brand: MDF Italia 

Year: 2024
Lead time: 16 - 20weeks 

Downloads: Specification Sheet