Inspired by 1960s design, the Sterling takes the classic four-legged table and adds softened, rounded elements to lift it beyond the ordinary. With a surprisingly strong and rigid frame the Sterling can be made to almost any size. The frame is a simple, solid design with a subtle reference to the 1960s. When paired with the soft rounded edges of the top whose timber grain runs across the table rather than lengthwise as is most common in table tops, the 1960s reference is further reinforced.

It is easy to see how important balance and proportion is in such a beautiful piece. The ability of the Lowe team to construct these tables up to 5m in length is a testimony to their absolute skill and mastery of timber construction.


Designed by: Andrew Lowe
Brand: Lowe Furniture 

Lead time: 8 - 11 weeks

Dimensions: Available in standard and customised

Finishes: Oak, Stained Oak, Walnut, Stained Walnut and custom finishes upon request

Downloads: Timber Stains