STUDIOPEPE designs Simposio, a new project for Saba.

The inspiration originates from a dialogue between concepts to be intertwined together in a harmonious synthesis: simple and pure shapes sculpted in sinuous lines, yet to be perceived as timeless.

The Simposio sofa, with its rounded and linear elements, becomes an ideal place of hospitality where one can converse about the mystery of beauty, creating small or large domestic arenas.

Even the foot structure loses its formal function and becomes a distinctive element, designed to evoke the sensuality of a pressure point on fabric. 

A bold upholstery has eliminated most of the seams, only a side fold defines the profile of the elements, reminiscing a Greek peplum.

The colours black, corten and sand are well suited to the fabrics of Simposio’s palette and define its original character.


Designed by: Studiopepe

Year: 2024

Lead time: 18-20 weeks