Random Bookcase

An icon, an industrial masterpiece with an irregular structure.


A piece of furniture that, when it was designed in 2005, revolutionised the concept of a bookshelf, turning it into a design sculpture. This is the signature of Random by Neuland Industrie design, created all white at the beginning. Then, it came in different variants up to the colour of the 2C-3C release.

A product that, with its geometries, favours light games, while with its modularity adapts to any living space, from the widest to the most reduced ones. Over the years, Random has extended its family, changing the concept of storage.

Wallpaper Design Awards, 2006 Best Bookcase
Design Week Awards, 2006 Category Furniture Design
EDIDA - Elle Decoration International Design Award, 2006 category Furniture
ADI Design Index 2006, selected for the XXI Compasso d’Oro ADI

Designed by: Neuland Industriedesign
Year: 2005
Brand: MDF Italia

Downloads: Specification Sheet