Neil Denim Chair

The essential design of MDF Italia meets the exquisite craftsmanship of Jacob Cohën in Neil Denim, the new denim edition of the iconic chair by Jean Marie Massaud. 

A product that celebrates the constant research performed on materials and the innovative spirit that has always distinguished MDF Italia, this time in a denim finish.

The unique flair of Jacob Cohën sums up the peculiarity and exclusivity of the Italian tradition of craftsmanship, a characteristic which, in addition to defining the quality of its products, determines an essential point of contact with the DNA of MDF Italia, also focused on a completely Italian-made production and inspired by the great master furniture makers.

The denim fabric, featuring top-stitched seams and contrasting tobacco-coloured detail stitching, inspired by classic jeans, completely covers the load-bearing steel frame of the seat and backrest.

The two companies, as well as being united by the use of high-quality raw materials, have always been extremely attentive to the sustainability of their product cycles. Focusing on the ecological impact of their production has guided the brands in the creation of an easily disassembled chair.

Designed by: Jean Marie Massaud

Brand: MDF Italia

Lead time: 13 - 17 weeks

Year: 2022

Dimensions: 500mm L x 580mm D x 800mm H / 450mm seat height

Downloads: Specification Sheet