Minima 3.0

Minima 3.0: three stands for the three key elements that compose the system: shelf, frame and cabinets (doors, draws and storage compartments) 


A highly versatile, fully configurable and flexible shelving system. Having received a special mention at the XVII Compasso D’Oro ADI in 1998, Minima combines great design with outstanding production and know how.

With a thin, completely aluminium structure ensures Minima as a minimal masterpiece whilst being incredibly strong and stable, a signature of the MDF collection.


The storage units (with flap opening door, drawers, or open) are supported by the aluminium shelves and structure, which are available in matt lacquered white or graphite grey. 


Configurations include: floor standing, (in 8 heights) or hanging (in 4 heights), always with a 33 cm depth.


Explore and create your own composition with the Minima 3.0 Configurator

Designed by: Bruno Fattorini

Brand: MDF Italia

Lead time: 13 - 17 weeks

Year: 2017 

Downloads: Specification Sheet & Installation Instructions