Cime Rug Collection

The new “Cime” rug collection stems from Saba’s desire to use the material of which a rug is made of as a canvas to express its values, that is the concept of memory and poetry. To link the memory of the past, made of artisanal traditions to be preserved, to contemporary aesthetics, was the theme entrusted to the creative duo Zanellato/Bortotto, whose collaboration with the company had already been established.

As previously done for the Vela sofa, the designers also drew on the nautical world for this project, this time inspired by lugsails.

Characteristic of the Adriatic, lugsails held particular functions, including that of establishing a system of immediate recognition at sea.

The graphics of the three rugs that make up the collection refer to the symbols and colours of the sails that identified fishermen families of the Venetian laguna, especially of the Chioggia nautical center. However, what really excites visually and in a tactile form, is the ancient Sardinian technique called Pibiones, handed down by generations of women.


Designer: Zanellato/Bortotto

Year: 2024

Lead time: 18 - 20 weeks