Equestrian inspiration underlies the Cantle collection. The term ‘cantle’ refers to the rear part of the saddle, which is usually curved and provides the rider with a safe and comfortable seat.

In the seat designed by Lavit, the back thus assumes the form of the arc of a circle, which embraces the body and determines its posture.

Supported by a steel frame that traces a strikingly sophisticated silhouette, both the back and seat are anchored to V-shaped brackets. This same element not only characterises the collection, but also makes it possible to reduce material consumption by removing the padding at the rear of the back: a detail enhanced by the double-sided upholstery made of leather and fabric sewn together, a savoir-faire element that evokes sartorial refinement.


Designed by: Marco Lavit

Brand: MDF Italia 

Year: 2024
Lead time: 16 - 20weeks 

Downloads: Specification Sheet