Atticus Starburst

The Starburst Atticus, like every piece at Lowe Furniture, is the result of a design evolution that includes conversations, drawings and mock-ups that float around the Lowe studio for years.


Lowe's ambition was to take the considered and refined aesthetic of the iconic Atticus table and present a technical evolution on the family with a piece that would make you look twice.



Since presenting the first prototype, we have witnessed first-hand a responsiveness to this design and Lowe haven’t we looked back since. Starburst table tops have become a signature and inspiring element of the Lowe collection, generating a respectful envy within the local and global design industry.


It is also not uncommon during production, to observe the team at Lowe wander over to whomever is making the top, stop, smile and look on in awe. 


The Starburst Atticus, like every Lowe Furniture product, is crafted on a made to order basis making every table uniquely individual.


Available in a multitude of timbers and sizes, ranging in diameters of 1000mm - 2200mm.


Designed by: Andrew Lowe
Brand: Lowe Furniture 

Lead time: 8 - 11 weeks

Dimensions: Available in standard and customised

Finishes: Oak, Stained Oak, Walnut, Stained Walnut and custom finishes upon request.

Downloads: Timber Stains