Leaving a mark between two or more people is one of the oldest and most evocative acts of communication, and writing represents the essence of the act in the evolution of the instruments used.


To study, to work, to write but also to think, read and reflect, the place, the atmosphere and the furniture become apart of the act itself.


With Alphabet, Saba narrates the interpretation of the writing table: a desk that was created for the domestic environment but that is also well suited to the most sophisticated demands in the field of hospitality and commercial.


A reserved corner, sometimes private, with a retro flavour but yet increasingly current, capable of interpreting the new scenarios of living.


In compliance with the stylistic codes of the brand, 967Arch offers a desk with rounded lines, able to fit into environments with personality and lightness.


The finishes follow this philosophy, harmonising with the family of products in the catalog, with which it can be freely combined.

The varnished iron structure that unrolls like a ribbon, the curved top in lacquered wood and the details for the support of technology are interpreted with simple, almost hidden, identifying signs.


Designed by: 967Arch

Year: 2017

Lead time: 14 - 16 weeks

Downloads: Specification Sheet