20.Venti Home-Home Light

20.Venti Home and Home Light are the new compact and versatile options of the iconic 20.Venti family.


Designed in 2017 by 967ARCH to meet the new needs of working spaces which reinterpret in a contemporary key the desk of the past.

20.Venti Home and Home Light perfectly expresses the need for a dynamic work space. A work space that, if necessary, may become highly independent, real active corners to work either continuously or temporarily.


Not to be mistaken as only for the home office, but it also lends to other operational environments: libraries, hotels, schools and universities. 


A fresh and multipurpose furnishing proposal to meet plenty of needs and end-uses.


Designed by: 967Arch

Brand: MDF Italia

Year: 2017

Lead time: 13 - 17 weeks

Downloads: Specification Sheet