Fork Table Lamp Anthracite Ex Display

Fork is a steel “fork” holding a diffuser inspired by casual fashion, camping tents and an informal and gritty lifestyle.


An iconic lamp interpreted and available in table, floor and suspension versions, for every environment and moment of everyday life.


Just like when you turn on a lamp inside a camping tent, the light inside the diffuser highlights the patchwork structure and enhances the texture of the canvas with visible stitching.


The linen cotton diffuser, available in ivory and grey, creates a warm and soft lighting effect. Adjustable 360 degrees, thanks to the gunmetal coloured brass eyelets in strong material contrast with the softness of the fabric, the diffuser allows the light beam to be directed to any position. 


Designed by: Diesel

Brand: Lodes

Year: 2015

Downloads: Specification Sheet 

Frame Finish: Ivory
Shade: Ivory 

Qty 1
RRP $1,889 
Ex-display price $755 (60% off)